1-ply Christening Shawl

These beautiful shawls, hand-knitted in fine 1-ply Shetland lace wool, are constructed the traditional way using my granny’s method, by first knitting the four borders and then attaching them to a middle section.  I use traditional Shetland lace patterns in these shawls, eg the ‘Tree of Life’, the ‘Cat’s Paw’, as well as my own interpretations and patterns, so each shawl will be slightly different and therefore unique to you.  Although these shawls weigh less than 200g and can be pulled through a wedding ring, they are surprisingly warm.

Each shawl takes at least 200 hours or more to knit, because of the intricacy of the patterns and therefore I need plenty of notice to create your very own heirloom.  These shawls could also be used as a wedding shawl first and then kept for a christening.

Contact me for more details and prices.